The Way and the Route and the Light

Reflective strips, arrows and barrier tape. It takes a few hours to design a unique course for every event through the vineyards of neighbouring Groot and Klein Constantia for the Merrell Autumn Night Series. It takes 2,5 hours to diligently route mark the 8km trail in the afternoon. It takes…… more

Merrell Autumn Night Series kicks off.

 Autumn: waiting on the platform in the dust of a departing Summer, anxiously peering down the tracks for the scheduled train of Winter. Bikini on body, beanie in hand. The Merrell Autumn Trail Night Series embraces this period of transition by easing us through the change from sweaty hot sports…… more

As Different as Night as Day

Hardworking Joburgers need a very compelling reason to go out on a school night. 300 of them were convinced once given the opportunity to dress up in ridiculous clothing, apply luminous war paint and chase each other around Delta Park for a few kilometres in the dark. Many of those…… more

Merrell Hobbit seeks Adventurers

 “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.” J.R.R Tolkein If he’d mentioned that it would wind through magical woodlands, over the enchanted Amatola Mountains of the Eastern Cape and under its cascading waterfalls, his only difficulty would’ve been…… more

Merrell Whale of Trail returns in 2015

On the 10th May 2014, 160 runners took part in the inaugural Merrell Whale of Trail. A 53km trail run along South Africa’s iconic 5-day Whale trail. The event was a huge success and received glowing reviews from all the runners that took part. “Stunning”, “Must do”, “Challenging”, “Bucket list…… more